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Drunk Driving

Say you're too s--tfaced to drive and you pass the keys off to your friend.  Your friend has been drinking but you don't know what state they are in.  You allow them to make the decision to drive or not.  If they decide to drive, is it your fault at all if they drive drunk?  Does giving the keys to your friend (because you are too drunk) give you any responsibility in the drunk driving?

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# re: Drunk Driving

I think it depends on which stand point you look at it from. Morally, sure, you gave him the keys and he is driving and you were both drinking together. Legally, no, you weren't driving.

I have been in this situation. It took me 15 minutes to convince my buddy that he too was too far to drive. So we took a cab home, and pickup up the car the next day.
8/4/2008 7:30 AM | Chris

# re: Drunk Driving

@Chris: I kind of agree with that. I don't know totally where I stand b/c I haven't really been in that situation.

I guess it depends on how blitzed you are. Your judgment is pretty bad by about that time, handing the keys off to someone puts the decision in their hands, even if you when you were sober you would never let them drive.

I guess I am kind of on the fence with this one.
8/4/2008 10:00 PM | Robz
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