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Day 4. I started this new diet on Sunday August 22. And haven't been on a diet for 10 years or more.
I have steadily gained weight at 274 pounds. After reading Dr Mark Hyman's book "eat fat, get thin. Why the fat we eat is the key to sustained weight loss and vibrant health".

At day 2 my FLC meter was at a 9. Day 3 about a 3, and day 4 about the same or less.

The American food industry is robbing people of their lives, their health which drives up the cost of medical care in the US for everyone. We talk about health care, and how to reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease, but big money lobby prevents the word from getting out. Fat is not fat is not fat.

The truth is that different calories affect your gene expression, brain chemistry, immune system, metabolism and your gut flora differently.  Calories from fat are less dangerous than calories from sugar. In fact, calories from sugar are the cause of these dangerous illnesses which we spend billions on health care and complain we can't afford it.

The fact of the matter is, this diet is easy. It's easy because it literally changes the way you think. It changes the way you think about food. And it deletes cravings from the brain. Yes I said delete, and it does it quickly. There is detox period, but that's just natural. My body is getting rid of the toxin's that I have eaten with regards to sugar.

All summer I have struggled on my bike or hike trail, and did not enjoy the work out one bit. Not even a little, but did it because  my science said this is how to lose weight and get in shape.

Day 4, I walked the dog in the morning. It wasn't a chore, it was easy as my breakfast of 1 table spoon of unsalted butter, 2 eggs, herbs, avocado and a slice of tomato, pinch of sea salt. 2 Glasses of water.

And of course coffee with a table spoon of coconut oil.

Wheat, in all it's forms. Whole wheat, rye, split wheat, cracked wheat, any wheat is just bad for you especially if it contains gluten. In fact, on day 4, I don't want wheat or sugar. Get your sugar from fruits and veggies.

I am not saying to use will power to avoid these foods. I am only saying, change your breakfast, and the rest of the day will follow effortlessly. There is no magic pill, there is only real food. Wheat is NOT real food.

I am pretty sure I am going to forget how hard it was this summer to do my work out and be on an unhealthy diet, this blog is to help remind me how the wrong diet will hurt my health, and overall well being.

Please, at least hear what the man has to say. "Eat fat, get thin". 

Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2016 1:20 AM diet , health , thinking | Back to top

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What is an FLC meter?
Left by CV on Aug 30, 2016 7:02 AM

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I absolutely agree with this idea. It is really important that we know the right kind of food to eat. - Dr. Thomas Devlin
Left by Jimmy Turner on Dec 07, 2016 5:58 PM

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Honestly saying, I find it very difficult to follow a proper diet plan. Have tried many times and none worked so far. Wish I could have lose some weight just like celebrities do. I am really shocked to see Ashley Graham's dramatic transformations. For me, it looks like a
Left by Linda on Jul 24, 2017 3:48 AM

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