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SSAS: Automating the Scripting of an SSAS database
I've been meaning to post this for a little while, and a recent post on the SSAS forum at ssas-info.com prompted me to finally get around to it. Basically the small Powershell script below will attach to the specified SSAS server and script all of the databases out to an XMLA file. In this example I also add a timestamp in the form of YYYYMMDD to the end of the file. $serverName = "localhost\sql08" $outputFolder = "C:\data\" ## load the AMO and XML assemblies into the current runspace [System.Reflection.Assembly... ......

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SSAS: Acquiring Locks using XML/A from SSMS - Part 2
Mosha commented on my last post on this topic that there was another simpler way of doing the same thing from SSMS. And that is to execute the following commands from an MDX window. First run ...<BeginTransaction xmlns="http://schemas.micro... /> and then...<Lock xmlns="http://schemas.micro... <ID>496CEC1F-D66A-4C8... <Object> <DatabaseID>Adventure Works DW</DatabaseID> ......

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SSAS: Acquiring Locks using XML/A from SSMS
I put the following code sample together in response to this question on the Analysis Services forum. If you read Books Online, you might think that running the following statement in SSMS would work : <Lock xmlns="http://schemas.micro... <ID>496CEC1F-D66A-4C8... <Object> <DatabaseID>Adventure Works DW</DatabaseID> </Object> <Mode>CommitShared<... But it will throw the following ......

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