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PowerShell One Liner: Duplicating a folder structure in a Sharepoint document library
I was asked by someone at work the other day, if it was possible in Sharepoint to create a set of top level folders in one document library based on the set of folders in another library. One document library has a set of top level folders that is basically a client list and we needed to create the same top level folders in another library. I knew that it was possible to open a Sharepoint document library in explorer using a UNC style path and that you could map a drive using a technique like this ......

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More on Sharepoint V3
[Via Darren Niemke] - And with a name like that how can he go wrong? :) An interesting list of some of the new feaures is available here. Last year, I blogged here about some of the new features coming in Sharepoint v3. What I found interesting about this list is that it includes a number of features relating to CMS. There was a rumour over 12 months ago that Sharepoint and CMS would be merging (after the two product groups moved into the same building on the Microsoft Campus), but it has only been ......

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New Features in Sharepoint v3
via Matthew Cosier New Features in Sharepoint “v3“ http://www.sharepointblogs.... Holy Shared Points Batman! I have not been through these points in detail - But I think just about all the major wishlists from people regarding v2 have been squeezed in here. (I kept telling people that Sharepoint was getting a lot of focus from MS) :) ......

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