Microsoft Content Mangement Server
As you can see from my tag line, I have the rather strange combination of having BI skills and Content Management Server skills. And as it happens I have taken a brief break from my current AS 2005 project to swing over onto fixing up a CMS project that has gone a bit astray. So on the while I am in CMS mode there are a couple of interesting CMS developments recently. Andrew Connell (MCMS MVP) has posted a link to an upcoming webcast about the evolution of web content management in the 2007 version ......

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More on Sharepoint V3
[Via Darren Niemke] - And with a name like that how can he go wrong? :) An interesting list of some of the new feaures is available here. Last year, I blogged here about some of the new features coming in Sharepoint v3. What I found interesting about this list is that it includes a number of features relating to CMS. There was a rumour over 12 months ago that Sharepoint and CMS would be merging (after the two product groups moved into the same building on the Microsoft Campus), but it has only been ......

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There are a few kinks in MCMS SP2
[via Stefan Gossner] You can check out Stefan's post here. There are a few nasty little quirks in there with regard to MCMS SP2. I think I might hang off installing it for a little bit yet. I'm busy playing with AS2k5 in my spare time anyway. I think I feel a psychic moment coming on... yes... I think I see something... SP2a :) Note: This IS NOT official I am just mucking around, but I cannot see MS leaving these sort of issues hanging around for too long ......

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CMS SP2 information - More Gems from Stefan
If you are at all involved with Microsoft CMS, you have probably heard of Stefan Gossner. For the uninitiated, he is the guru of all things CMS, he is a Microsoft escalation engineer and he pretty much “owns” the cms new group. In fact I think they could rename the group from microsoft.public.cmserver.g... to microsoft.public.cmserver.a... :) He has just published a number of informative posts on his blog, here is a list of the recent ones worth checking out mainly focusing around ......

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