Invalid namespace - Running SSRS against a named instance

I recently went to check the configuration of my SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services instance (which is a named instance called "SQL08") and it came up with a "connect" dialog and when I clicked on the "find" button I got an "invalid namespace" error.

I found a few threads on the MSDN forums about this and eventually a Microsoft guy came up with a solution.

The post at the end of this thread had the solution which worked for me, so I have copied it out below.

1. Locate the existing MOF file (example: %ProgamFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10.SQL2008\Reporting Services\ReportServer\bin\reportingservices.mof would be the default location for a Reporting Services instance named SQL2008).

2. Copy this reportingservices.mof to reportingservicesalt.mof (or some other unique name).

3. Notepad reportingservicealt.mof

4. Choose edit->replace…

5. In the dialog, in the Find What: text box enter the modified instance name (for an RS instance named SQL2008, the modified instance name is RS_SQL2008), in the Replace with: text box enter the instance name unmodified (so for an RS instance named SQL2008, just enter SQL2008).

6. Press the Replace All button.

7. Save and close notepad.

8. From a command window at the same location as the results of step 1, type MOFCOMP REPORTINSERVICESALT.MOF (or whatever the name from step 2 was).

Now the configuration tool should work with the following exception, if the RS instance name contains an underscore (_), a dollar sign ($) or a hash (#), then step 8 will fail and the user will need to re-install the Reporting Services instance with a name that does not include any of these three characters.

From this it looks like may be the setup messed up somewhere. The above script appears to re-register the Reporting Services WMI namespaces. Apparently there will be a knowledge base article published on this soon.

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