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It’s my pleasure to use this blog to write stuff about technical stuff and things that I do or use in my daily life. This blog have a lot of technical issue in past. It’s not work properly.


Many time I click on publish button and it was not working. I see on those days nothing has been published on last many hours  on whole website.


I am moving my blog to for my future post subscribe me on my new address. I am currently focusing on .NET Web & Desktop programming.

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In VS 2017, you have choice to install ui components by using bower.  If you work previously in mvc project in visual studio you know all we use is nuget to install anything from jQuery to Newtonsoft.json.


For using bower right click on project and check manage bower package, this option list next to Manage Nuget Package.

Just like that nuget window everything is same. For library stuff you still need Nuget.  


So is there any way like in nuget I can just type and install the package


The good thing with bower is it’s make a bower.json file in your project’s root directory. you can just edit it.  for example I need to install moment.js in my dotnet core project now check how easily it is


open bower.js and start writing moment under dependencies. now when you go after : it will show you all the version. doesn’t it sound cool and much easier ?


You see a version  number started from ~ and one is ^. you want to know what is that thing and how it’s work. please follow this stackoverflow question


Thanks for reading my post, Happy coding Smile

For using method from custom library what you need is adding namespace in views/web.config


for example if you want to use linq methods you need to put something like this


 <add namespace="System.Linq" />


When you open the web.config file you already see some namespace there. After add namespace you can use that method in any of your views.


if this still not work in VS 15 , Close the VS and Restart it. it should work.

If you using using your phone, pc and laptop for a long time on work, you maybe search for a solution to make eye strain easy for you.


For some people flux work fine. I have installed it on my desktop and laptop both. If I can’t get it on new device I can feel what is missing in my system.


I bought Gunnar spectacles from Amazon India. First of all The package come with full of dust but packed well (Amazon packed everything well). I didn’t have any problem with packaging because product was safe in it.


After few days I see small small spot on Gunnar. I report them on FB. They disable rating just after my rating. They have paid for rating as I can see 39 people give them rating. So this company pay for Fb rating that is totally fake.


I mail them but got no reply. FB them but no reply. Tweet them but still not see anything in my inbox.


1. If you closely look at people you will find that all these people talking about it is getting free copy of the gunnar. Gunnar give them free because of marketing.

Marketing too much but no support at all. No one reply when you see a spot in your Gunnar spectacles.


Why there is no comment on FB. Why remove all those comment. Do you see any company doing this with comments. They disable rating option just after my rating. After buying my spectacles they discontinue that list on


Be careful with company like this, Too much money spent on marketing but it doesn’t work good if you see a problem in the spectacles.

Few years ago When I just start work in office I can hardly see smartphone anywhere. The person sit next to me spent 10,000 or 15,000 in 2010 to get a phone (which is not smart as today). that phone have hardly  1.3 MP camera and 3-4 inch screen. Yeah, Maybe that is touch ( I don’t have remembered those days very well) .


Those days are gone. Now Android phone is everywhere and people use phone day to day for many purpose.


So Responsive design is all about focus on Make good experience on Mobile & tablet.


Go with a framework.


Using framework like bootstrap solved a big trouble of responsive.   Bootstrap’s provide solid foundation for making design work in mobile phones and other small devices.


Write our own custom CSS and other code that we can use in every project.


After spent a lot of time on fixing basic thing I finally able to find some basic thing that I need to put on every project (html,CSS, JS) too. Like I do same for MySQL. Same settings to handle Unicode and other thing in every MySQL database.


This will save you a lot of time. Like Most of small work is about margin and padding. Making a class like .mt10 or .pb10 mt stand for Margin top and pb stand for padding bottom.  this basic idea save a lot of time.


All design are same so make it simple and just copy the code and modify.


When you write same thing again and again you will learn many things. For example You can figure out how one of your code is different from other. You can see the same code you write again is better then the one that you write last time.  You are able to copy basic things from this to another one and it will save your time. This thing will not be easy if you don’t have a good practice of what are you doing.


Framework tricks & perfection habit.


Sometime we don’t have a control on project timeline. We need to do thing faster. You can simply complete the design. Sometime we have enough time for finish the work and later if you invest more time in it. Like you spent nights on fixing same thing that you complete in hours. You can learn many good thing which you found never able to learn when you do the work and just complete it.


Focusing on improving things will give you better image of how things can be improved.   Like Prime minister of India do there work better then other and they have proved what is the difference between them and the other. Some people handle things well and other don’t.

If you complete the design and start new it will never gonna better anytime soon. What is need here is spent more and more time on perfecting things.  You can show that someone who use same thing will figure out that this work is better than others.



when you have done enough of the work you can later produce thing faster then ever. Like old C# developer write code faster, same way you can write code better and faster.


Bye !

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Every Chinese brand come with a once advantage that is called cost-friendly. As these brand continuously fooling  Indian customers. Here is my own experience.

Meizu m1 note is a good device but it’s a short term phone. it will broke in 1 year something. You need to repair it after that period. Same happen to most of people ( I watch them on YouTube). You can find them on YouTube.


I don’t use phone for gaming. My main purpose was to use the phone for watching videos and Quora/Reddit and other apps for reading articles. The phone was awesome but suddenly it’s touch stop working one day. This is same happen to Most YouTube user.


In next few days it’s broken. Now repairing it cost 6000, when new phone (m3) with new feature can be bought in 8999 or 9999. So Company make no sense what kind of business they doing.


Next time you see a brand like Meizu. see what happen to the device after 11-12 month. Does phone works after that period. The only solution of this problem is going with non-Chinese brand which have good reputation, build-quality and after sales support.


Happy shopping Smile


lesson learned : Never buy Chinese stuff by just watching their specification. I can utilize what I paid for last year much better this year.

Few years ago I bought a swan harmonica which work great. it cost me 6$ and I sell it in 5-4 $ after using it for half year.  I can’t blame all Chinese brand but be careful. Maybe Chinese brand sell you something that will only work for very low time period compare to other brand.

Last year Microsoft released VS 15 and add a interesting new feature called “ Diagnostic Tools debugger window

Asy you read on internet when someone trying to show the execution time of 2 different2- function it will use stopwatch and some other kind of thing to prove which one is better. From VS 2015 you have a better option to check the execution time of code. You can exactly figure out how much time it will take.11







Just open the diagnostic window and put a breakpoint in code. and another one when execution complete. You can see how much time your code take to execute in diagnostic window as given example.

For more information look at this article written by Visual studio team

If you work in Visual studio 2015 update 1 and got issue like this“

An error was encountered during code generation. The changes you have made in the designer have not been committed to the source code”

then you are not alone. Many developer found this issue. Check this page for detail.

For fix this problem install this

This will fix this problem in Visual studio update 1.