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Replace the Recirculation Air Flap Servo Motor. It’s not hard. And the fix works like a champ. It got so bad I drove around with the defroster on high and the window cracked open. In the Minnesota cold, my feet were freezing.

YouTube: Replacing a VW Recirculator Flap Motor

A few points:

  • When you pull out the servo and it’s still connected to the wires, start the car and push the recirculate button. You’ll notice it doesn’t move. Put on the new one and do the same thing.
  • I found it easier to turn the recirculate button off and reach up and pull open the big flap with the green trim and then install the new servo. The cogs seem to align easier.
  • You’ll need a T20 bit to go in a small socket wrench for 1 of the screws. I used a T20 screwdriver for the others.
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