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June 2011 Entries

The "scour" or Rootkit.Win32.TDSS virus has a long history which can be found here: Here is the primary symptom: after searching for something in your web browser using google, one of the results that you click on redirects you to If you've executed ClamWin, Malwarebytes, McAfee, Norton, etc. to find and isolate the virus without any luck--this isn't really a surprise, since this virus attaches to existing system drivers. I only know of one reliable package ......

If you're like me, you've probably clicked/clacked, docked/undocked the window with the edmx file while you were working on it in visual studio without intending to--and now, the entity diagram is gone and you are unable to open the file again from the solution window! Luckily, the edmx file is just another visually displayed xml file. From the solution window, right click on the edmx file -- select "Open with..." -- choose Xml . Once you see the xml for the edmx file close it. Go back to the solution ......

The chances are pretty high that you are creating a multi-tiered application with a solution that may be calling several different projects, one of which is the ADO.NET Entity Framework DAO-layer. In order for the entity frame work to work outside the immediate project that its been created under, you'll have to import the connection string built by the EF wizard at create time to your other project's application or web config file. Here's an example. I have two projects under a single solution, ......

Yes, Microsoft is getting quite a reputation for abandoning or deprecating it's data access products/libraries. One thing you can do is download a 3rd party product called dotConnect by DevArt. The express edition is free. ... however, if you are working in a shop that doesn't like its development team to use not well known third party tools, there's an alternative--but it still requires that you go to a non-microsoft source. Use Oracle.DataAccess.dll ......

Vista has an auto tuning feature which is hit and miss, depending on what network appliances/cards/devices you've got hooked up. Try this: 1. Navigate to Start>Programs>Access... Command 2. Type: netsh interface tcp show global 3. Look the line for receive window auto tuning. If it says highlyrestricted type this command (all on one line): netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=restricted 4. Try browsing, if it isn't any better, enter the same command like, just change restricted ......